10 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest

10 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest

10 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest?

For businesses and marketers, Pinterest is a great way to showcase your brand. But do you know everything about Pinterest? We have found 10 facts.

Pinterest is the 6th largest social media platform in the world. 367 million monthly active users.

As a marketer, Pinterest is a promising platform. To showcase your brand and Brand Products.

But do you know everything about Pinterest?

Here are 10 fact about Pinterest

Do you know that Pinterest is a colorful, fun social bookmarking site?

But here are some facts you may not know about.

1. 72% of Pinterest Users Are Women

1. 72% of Pinterest Users Are Women
Image source: Statista

2. Pinterest Is the Third Largest Social Network in the U.S.

Pinterest overtook the third-largest most popular social network Snapchat in the United States, Pinterest went third largest in the U.S. Facebook and Instagram come first and second in the United States, after which now Pinterest comes.

 3. Pinterest rates as the 10th most relevant brand in the U.S.

Pinterest ranks 10 behind large companies such as Android, Apple Disney, and Spotify.

4. 85% of Users use the Pinterest Platform on Their Phone

Yes, you read correctly that 85% of users use the Pinterest platform on their phones.

It means that

If your site is not yet optimized for mobile, then you should optimize for mobile because you have time now.

5. 48% of Pinners use Pinterest for Shopping

48% of users use Pinterest for shopping, for comparison, it is only 14% on Facebook.

6. 9.5 Million Users Are Interested in Financial Services Content

Users don’t just use the platform to find gift-wrapping ideas. Rather, there is also an interest in financial related content.

7. 56 million Pinners Engage with Home Content

Household content is one of the most popular categories on Pinterest. Such as home decorating, landscaping, renovation, and purchase pins have always been popular.

8. Beauty Brand Not Interest to run the campaign in Pinterest

Beauty brands are not liking Pinterest used to run campaigns for beauty products to promote their businesses, because they think people who use beauty products are not interested in Pinterest

9. Life Moments’ is the most popular search term on Pinterest

Life Moments is the most popular search term on Pinterest, including keywords including

  • Wedding season
  • Car buying
  • Gifts
  • New baby
  • New home
  • DIY & Crafts
  • Travel

10. Pinterest launched Video response in Q4 2019

This gives users even more ways to interact with video content on the Pinterest platform.

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