Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking in SERP

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Advanced SEO Techniques for Better Ranking in SERP

Advanced SEO techniques for better ranking in SERP.

Today we are discussing advanced SEO techniques, and what to optimize, and how to optimize advanced SEO techniques.

Let’s start…

Advanced SEO Techniques

We will tell you about 6 checkouts of advanced SEO Techniques.

1. Optimize Your Content For Keyword Relevance

Google’s “How Search Works” document states that they can “look at the quantitative signal to assess relevance.”
Google would like to see relevant content on a topic that would only cover the page.
Google – How Search Works – Relevance Content

11352 840610 - Search Engine Checklist11352 - Search Engine Checklist

The question will be how can you give Google “quantitative hints to assess relevance” and how to look at it?

We have to use the right keywords on our page. When we do this we will confirm to Google that our page will be highly relevant to that query.

If you use the LSI keyword correctly, we will be able to give higher rankings for our target keywords and help us rank for more keywords.
If we write content in-depth, we can probably use these LSI keywords.

We can also use some tools to search for LSI keywords that will tell us about high ranking keywords.

2. Meta Descriptions

The meta description is very important for search engines and advanced SEO, write meta description short and simple, and target your focus keyword in the meta description.

You can enter a maximum of 320 characters in the meta description, but we would suggest that you do not enter more than 120 characters, and you must include the focus keyword in these 120 characters and write the description SEO friendly.

11352 840610 - Search Engine Checklist11352 - Search Engine Checklist

3. Optimize the Images with ALT Text

An image is not equal to a thousand words, but if you optimize the image properly, then that image can attract thousands of visitors.

Therefore you must optimize the image properly and use ALT text and do not randomly enter the image name and ALT text, the image name and Alt text must be relevant.

For example: Advanced SEO Techniques.jpg. By doing so, your image will show up when someone is looking for Advanced SEO Techniques.

  • Optimize the image name.
  • Describe image ALT text.
  • Choose the right image format (JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc).
  • Keep image files light so they load fast.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking is a structure that is the internal linking of one article of the same website to another article or one page to another page.

When we read an article, we often get a link, which is to another article, and this link encourages us to read another article. Similarly, when we click on the link and go to another article, we also get the link in that article.

It is very important for the search engine crawler, SEO and to create the structure of related content in the article.

If we do internal linking in the article, it reduces the bounce rate of the website, which is very important for SEO.

11352 840610 - Search Engine Checklist11352 - Search Engine Checklist

5. Check Mobile Responsiveness

A mobile responsive website is very important for SEO because a few years ago Google mandated having a mobile-friendly website, and now if your website is not responsive, then it is very difficult to rank the website in search engines, so the most First work to make your website responsive.

You can check your website responsive or not, Check now

6. Use Schema Tag

Schema tag This is a terminology also known as markup. Which webmasters can add HTML to make a page look more attractive in SERPs (search engine result pages).

If the search engine is having difficulty in understanding your content, then for this they can use the schema tag to make the search engine work easier.

This tag will help users to provide better and more accurate information to the rich highlights displayed below the page title.

11352 840610 - Search Engine Checklist11352 - Search Engine Checklist

Final advanced SEO strategies Checklist

  • Optimize Your Content For Keyword Relevance
  • Meta description
  • Optimize for speed
  • Internal linking
  • Optimize the images with ALT text
  • Website mobile responsive
  • Use schema

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