The 10 Best Free SEO Tools: You Need to Know [100% Free]

The 10 Best Free SEO Tools: You Need to Know [100% Free]

The 10 Best Free SEO Tools, You Need to Know

There are a lot of free and paid SEO tools available in the market, today we will know about 10 free SEO tools that are 100% free.

All these tools work great for you in 2021

The 10 Best Free SEO Tools

1. Google Search Console

The most important tool in these 10 free SEO is Google search console. This free SEO tool, it is hard to imagine doing modern SEO without access to data inside Google’s search console. Because in Google search console, crawls time of your website, how Google crawls and ranks your site, you will find this information only in Google search console.

Get it: Google Search Console

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2. Google Analytics

Analytics is a free website traffic measure tool. Google Analytics is a tool that digital marketers trust 100% to make website data measure
Last Week Google has combined Google Search Console and Google Analytics. After combining this, now Google gives the same report and you get this report from Google search console.

Get it: Analytics

3. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Free SEO tools provided to Keywords research, website data crawling, keywords report, and Website SEO Checker.

Get it: Bing Webmaster

4. Keyword Planner

Google has its own keyword planner. It was created for people who buy Google ads, but it is currently used for SEO keyword research. The Keyword Planner uses Google’s own data to show keyword data.

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5. Google Trends

Trends is a tool that shows search data in trending and with it, the last five years search data of any keywords. Trends also show what people are searching for on Google.

Get it: Google Trends

6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free and paid SEO tool developed by Neil Patel. With Ubersuggest you can do keyword research, website analysis, backlinks checking, and show how many backlinks are needed to rank on the first page in Google.

Ubersuggest also shows which websites rank on which keywords and how many backlinks keywords you get.

Get it: Ubersuggest

7. Mobile-Friendly Test

If your website page is mobile-friendly, then Google counts your website as mobile-friendly and Google gives priority to mobile-friendly websites. Its benefits improve your website ranking performance.

This is very important because 85% of users use mobile phones to find the answer to their query.

Get it: Mobile-friendly Test

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8. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a tool by which you can analyze your competitors and find competitors’ traffic, top pages, engagement, marketing channels, and more. In SimilarWeb Free, you can see up to five results in a report.

Get it: SimilarWeb

9. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is ​​a free website analysis tool. Which generates website performance reports and tells you how much your website’s performance score is, visualizing loading time, page speed, page details, Yslow, waterfall, timing, and historical data.

Get it: GTmetrix

10. SEOquake

SEOquake is the most powerful free SEO tool, SEOquake offering a bot load of data for each URL you visit, you can also perform basic on-page audits, compare domains, and export your data.

Get it: SEOquake

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