Bing Announced URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress

Bing Announced URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress

Bing announced URL Submissions Plugin for WordPress.

Yesterday, bing announce URL submissions plugin for WordPress with this plugin, you can quickly index your WordPress content, and URL using the bing webmaster plugin.

Bing said – Today we are announcing an open-source project Bing WordPress Webmaster Plugin. This plugin will work with your website in WordPress, allowing you to easily, automatically, and instantly index your content in Bing. You can index Bing as soon as you publish your content.

Until last year, Bing Webmaster had the capacity to submit 10000 URLs in a day, but upon request, bing does instant crawl and indexation from Webmaster Tools API. Now Bing has made it easier for WordPress users by launching the WordPress plugin. Once installed the plugin will work by configuring it with the API Key and instant crawl and index the updated pages, content, and URL on your website.

Bing webmaster WordPress plugin will crawl and index your website so that the site page is always fresh.

Bing Webmaster WordPress Plugin Features

  • Manually submit URL to index.
  • The ability to automatics submission off and on the feature.
  • View recent submit URL list in the plugin.
  • Failed and retry submission URL.
  • Download a recent submission URL report for analysis.
  • View stats of submitted URLs
  • Re-submit recent submissions

How to Install and Setup Bing Webmaster WordPress Plugin

All you need to do is 2 steps to install and setup the Bing Webmaster WordPress Plugin.

Follow these instructions to install the WordPress plugin:

First, go to WordPress dashboard>Plugin setion>Add new plugin, and search Bing Webmaster Url Submission

You can also download it from here ➡ Bing Webmaster Url Submission

And activate the plugin…

After that configured with Bing Webmaster Tools API Key, and click start using plugin

How to Install and Setup Bing Webmaster WordPress Plugin

Congratulations… Bing Webmaster WordPress Plugin is activated with your WordPress website.

Enjoy automatic real-time indexing of your WordPress website content in Bing webmaster.

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