Core Web Vitals: Optimize Your Site for Page Experience in 2021

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Core Web Vitals: Optimize Your Site for Page Experience in 2021

Core Web Vitals: Optimize your site for page experience in 2021

Google has recently launched a new update called Google Page Experience Update. The most important part of this algorithm is the core web Vitals. Core Web Vitals will give us the signal whether our website has a speed issue or not. So that our organic visibility will be well stabilized.

What Is Core Web Vitals

The core  Web Vitals is all factors that Google considers important which are useful in the overall user experience. Google considers core web vitals to be the most important ranking factor.

If we want to measure the speed performance of our website, then for this we can complete this task with the help of core web Vitals.

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Important Factors of Page Experience

The core web Vitals is depending upon 3 measure metrics, which we have given below

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

#1. Largest Content Point – Measures Loading Performance

Through LSP we can measure how long it takes to display the content of our web page. When a user visits your page it gives the user a good experience. According to Google, our loading page performance should be less than 2. 5 seconds.

#2. First Input Delay -Measures Page Responsiveness

When a visitor interacts on the website for the first time and after interacting, if they click on any element, then in how much time our page will respond to that browser, this is called first input delay. According to Google, our page response should be less than 100 Ms.

#3. Cumulative Layout Shift-  Measures Visual Stability

Through the CLD we can measure the visibility and frequency of the page. This will let us know in how much time the movement of the page element and the page layout will be completed. According to Google, our CLD time should be less than 0.1 seconds.

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Best Tools to Measure Core Web Vitals

If we want to improve the core web Vitals, then we have to use these tools, due to which we can improve the performance of our website.

Best Tools to Measure Core Web Vitals

For this, we have given you some tools below, with the help of which you can improve the core web Vital score.

  • Google Page Insight
  • Search Console
  • Web Vital Chrome Extension
  • Lighthouse
  • Chrome UX Report
  • Chrome Dev Tools

How to Improve Core Web Vitals Score

#1. Need Image Optimization

The most important thing we need to do for our site is that we have to optimize our images properly. By using image optimization, we can improve page load speed, increase the SEO ranking of websites as well as improve our user experience. If your image is not optimized then its effect can hurt your website pages.

If we use jpg and png files, it will not be good because its file size is large, due to which it takes more time to open the website, if we use WebP image for this then it would be good because that image is of high quality and its image size is low due to which there is no problem in loading the website.

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#2. Increase Server Speed

 If your hosting speed is good, then there will be no problem in loading the website. There are many parts to optimizing our server. If you think that if you buy a low-priced hosting then it will be good, it is not good, instead, you will buy a hosting that has better value and service, so it will reduce the chances of hosting problems in your website and Your website can run better.

Along with this, we have to upgrade the hardware and at the same time pay attention to how our database is working. If there is any problem in handling it, then how can it be improved. a CDN can do wonders to improve your Core Web Vitals.

#3. Remove Render-Blocking Resources 

If the file size of your website will be large, then the website will take longer to load. For this, you have to optimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you know coding then it may be right for you to improve it or if you do not know about coding, you can improve all this by using WordPress plugins so that your website will perform well. We have given you some plugins, due to which you can eliminate the render-blocking problem.

  1. Wp rocket
  2. Autoptimizer
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Speed Booster Pack.

I hope you enjoy reading this article Core Web Vitals: Optimize Your Site for Page Experience

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