Facebook Upgrade Screen Sharing Capability in Messenger App

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Facebook Upgrade Screen Sharing Capability in Messenger App

Facebook has given users the facility of screen sharing in the Messenger app. In which users can share screens of Messenger in a video call and messenger room and these features will be available for both Android and iOS.

These features were previously available only on desktop but now it will be available on both Android and iOS.

Users can share their screens together with 8 people in a group and will be allowed to share their screen with 16 people in the messenger room.

Messenger said that today we are excited to share that we are rolling out the features of video call screen sharing and messenger room in our Messenger app.

We know that people are trying to be more connected than before. And these features promote it. Which we are rolling out today.

These features allow you to share live screens so that you can share something together.

  • Shop online
  • You can share memories from camera roll
  • Can co-browse social media

More benefits – screen sharing makes it easy for you to stay connected with your family, friends, and loved ones even after being physically separated.

Messenger is planning to soon roll out a screen sharing feature with 50 people in a group chat in the messenger room.

Note: Messenger room maker will allow who to give permission for screen sharing.

How to share Screen in Messenger App

You can start the share screen messenger app by following the steps here:

If the screen sharing option is not available in your Messenger app, then first you update the Messenger app.

Let’s start screen sharing…

  • Go to the messenger app and start a video call and select one or more contacts and click to the “camera icon”.
  • During the call, swipe to the toolbar below, after which you will see the menu. In which you have to click on the screen sharing button.

Congratulations…Your screen is shared with your friends, family, and love.

Competitors App

  • Zoom app
  • Google Meet
  • Jio Meet

Facebook is constantly upgrading Messenger features because in COVID-19 pandemic people have to depend more on the online platform and work from home.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 70% people are doing work from home jobs, in such a situation, these platforms are being used more for company internal meeting, end clients meeting.

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