Google has Lost to Domain Ownership

Google has Lost to Domain Ownership

Google has Lost to Domain Ownership

As every blog owner knows, the blogger platform has been developed by Google. And all believe in google.

A week ago, India’s blog of millions of bloggers has gone offline because Google forgot to renew domain. Due to which the blog of Indian blogger became offline. If you search today, you will see that the domain is inactive.

The blog is still online, all you have to do is change the domain name from to After this, you can access your blog. But right now your internet browser automatics will not accept redirect URL.

Now, if you check the WHOIS data of the domain, it is known. Google has lost ownership of the domain. domain WHOIS data here domain WHOIS data here

According to WHOIS data, it has been updated in the last month of June and is registered on the website.

Whatever the reason, but if I host my website or blog on Google’s servers, I would expect a company like Google to renew their domain name before its ownership expires. There could be a reason.

We hope that Google will take this matter seriously and fix it quickly as there were millions of Indian blog hosts on domain, which gives Google a multi-billion dollar business.

If you want to use a blog regularly then you have to host your domain. Which everyone cannot do. If you hope to do better with Google search console and your blog is with domain then this can be a huge warning for you.

Below are some blogs that were hosted on

Below are some blogs that were hosted on

Source: The Next Web

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