How To Setup Google Tag Manager and Benefits of GTM

How To Setup Google Tag Manager and Benefits of GTM & How to Install

How to setup Google Tag Manager and benefits of GTM

Google Tag Manager is web-based management that was developed by Google.

The tag was introduced in October 2012 to make the management process easier and more efficient.

Google tag manager is a code-based tag, it provides to deeply visitor behavior on your website like – which page user visit and how much time spend on the specific webpage.

GTM connect with a various platform such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Adwords, and there are 70+ tag which we can use in google tag manager for tracking the leads generation, sales, and remarketing.

Mostly website owners prefer the GTM for retargeting and remarking purposes.

GTM allows installing on a website, Android app, IOS App, and Amp site.

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Benefits of Google Tag Manager

There are many benefits of GTM, today we explain most 6 benefits

1. It’s Completely Free

If we want to use Google Tag Manager then we do not need to pay any money, Because Google Tag Manager is completely free to use. It is the right choice for small and medium-sized businesses.

2. Easy To Use

Not everyone knows about the coding and at the same time we have to tell which tag to use but for this, we have to take the help of web developer. If the developer is not there and we have tagged in the wrong place, then you will not measure the website traffic.

So if we learn coding, we will spend more time in it, if we use Google Tag Manager for this, then we will be able to do that work easily because for this you do not need to learn any programming language, instead, you can easily update and add new tags to it as well.

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3. All In One Place

All tracking codes were coded directly into the source code of the website or application.GTM, everything is now in one place. When a developer needs to detect various JavaScript code snippets in the source code of a website or app to make additions, changes or deletions. All tags are controlled in one place with the help of Google Tag Manager.

4. Save Your Loading Time

Another advantage of Google Tag Manager is that if you allow the tracking code to be implemented, it will save your time. We can add, edit, and delete all tracking codes through the GTM platform. Because of this, you will not take much time to complete the work, but your work will be completed in a short time.

5. Test Tools

We can easily troubleshoot and correct tag errors through Google Tag Manager’s preview and debug mode, which shows us which tags were removed on a page and which have not been removed. It also contains information about triggers that include fire tags and data within the tracking tag.

6. Auto Event Tracking-

Google Tag Manager comes with a feature that you can also call auto-event tracking.

Once you enable some triggers in GTM, it will start listening specifically for website interactions. You still need some setup for this, but it is relatively easy to do. You can also use those interactions in fire tracking codes.

Basic events in GTM that you can track (by default)

  • Clicks
  • Link clicks
  • How much time was spent on pages
  • Form Submission

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How To Setup And Install  GTM

Follow these steps to create a GTM account

How to Create GTM Code

  • Go to Tag Manager official website and  if you don’t have a GTM account then first you have to create an account
  • Enter your information and account name and then click continue.
  • Descriptive container name and select types of your content platform such as website, Android app, IOS app, and AMP Pages, and click to create.
  • You will need to review the term and conditions and accept the terms and service agreements click on YES.

How to Install the GTM Code

WordPress users can easily integrate GTM into a website with the Google Sitekit plugin and how to set up Google Sitekit.

Install GTM In Website

When you creating GTM code that time google has given you two codes.

1st code you have to paste between <head> to </head> section.

Install GTM In Website

Then 2nd code paste in between bode tag <body> to </body> section

How to Install the GTM Code


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Install GTM In AMP Page

1st code you have to paste between <head> to </head> section.

2nd code paste in between bode tag <body> to </body> section.

Install GTM In Mobile Apps

GTM code installation in Mobile App both android and IOS version, little different from the website methods.

Tag Manager install in mobile apps you need to setup with Firebase SDK account, visit Firebase SDK

After that visit Tag Manager developer documentation to learn how to get started with IOS and Android

All setup done, you will need to verify the tag manager work correctly or not.

if you paste GTM code correctly in your website

Install the Tag Assistant Chrome Extension: Install Now

After that install this extension, go to your website home page and click on extension icon, GTM code trigger in Tag Assistant extension.

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