How to become an SEO expert: Some things you need to know

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How to become an SEO expert: Some things you need to know

How to Become an SEO Expert: Some Things You Need to Know

Do you want to become an SEO expert? very good!
Today we will discuss some things that an SEO expert should really know.

Are you ready?
Let’s start…

Why do you want to become an expert in search engine optimization (SEO)

You can comment and tell me why you want to specialize in search engine optimization (SEO).

Are you ready to follow in his footsteps?

There are some things you need to know to become an SEO expert.

1. Understand the Basics of SEO

First, understand the basics of SEO and how it works

In the basics, first of all, you should understand some things which are given below.

  • The first thing to understand is what the users want and what they search is about the intent of the user.
  • How exactly do search engines work, and how does its internal work.
  • You should know what tools and techniques are required to optimize the website.

2. Read Google Panda and Google Penguin Algorithm

Google Panda and Google Penguin Algorithm are both algorithms related to content and SERPs which are very important to study. Google Panda and Google Penguin Algorithm change 1000 times a year and this is the minimum, sometimes they can be really important, and sometimes, the adjustment can be minor.

The Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithms basically help to show SERPs results that are important, quantitative, and accurate.

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3. Build Your Own Website

When you understand the basics of SEO, it is also very important to implement them, for this you need a website that you can implement.

If you do not know HTML coding, then you can use WordPress to create a website because in WordPress you do not have to have knowledge of coding. But you must have basic knowledge of HTML coding so that you can add the HTML Tags to the website.

After that, start researching how web content ranks among SERPs and research a topic on which you can make writing content easier.

4. Learn About Google Search Console and Google Analytics

When you do SEO of a website, it is necessary to check the performance of your SEO, which will determine which ranking of your website is on which number and which keywords are ranking.
Google Analytics is about measurement and reporting. So that you can see the bounce rate, page view, and much more of your website.

Google search console and Google analytics both are part of technical SEO

Google testing new features are Google Combine Search Console & Analytics Data into One Report and called “Google Search Console Insight”.

5. Learn About Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important for SEO, technical SEO refers to optimization website and server which helps search engine spiders understand the web content, crawl, and index your website more effectively (which improves organic rankings).

Technical SEO Checklist

  • Website mobile responsive
  • Use SSL Certificate
  • Speed your site
  • Fix duplicate content issues
  • Create an XML sitemap
  • Submit your site in Google and Bing webmaster
  • Setup Google analytics, and more

6. Learn About Link Building Tactics

Link building is the part of Off-page SEO which is very important and the first topic in SEO is link building. If you have studied this topic properly then you will know how important link building is for SEO

If you want to benefit from link building, you need high-quality Dofollow Backlinks, not just quantity.

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