How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

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How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile in 2020

In this article, we will show how you can optimize your Instagram profile so that you can increase organic traffic or followers on your Instagram account.

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Change your profile to a “business profile”

First of all, switch your Instagram profile from a personal account to a business account, to unlock many powerful features for you / your business brand to take advantage of. Such as account insight, Instagram shopping, contact button, promotion tab, and other features.

First, After switching from a personal account to a business account, you will get a call-to-action button so that customers can easily contact your business.

Second, you will get features of Instagram analytics. With which you can see the insights of your accounts such as post reach, Instagram account reach, account activity, audience demography, location, Gender, profile visitors, followers, and others.

Third, in the business profile, you get a section of advertisements on Instagram so if you want to do some paid promotions, it makes it easier to run ads.

You need to connect the Facebook page to your Instagram business account before you can make Ads.

To connect Facebook page, you have to go to Settings-> Switch to Business Profile-> After that you have to choose the Facebook page you want to associate with it.

Steps by Steps Optimize Instagram Profile

Choose a Username That’s Simple, Recognizable, and Easy to Find

Choose a great @username – easy to remember, on-brand, simple, searchable, reliable

Select Searchable Business Name

You must also add your full business name to the “Name” section of your Instagram profile.

Choose a High-Quality Profile Photo That Reflects Your Branding.

Your Instagram profile photo should represent who you are. for a business brand, you should choose your business brand logo that is instantly recognizable. because the brand logo is the virtual identity of your business and you have to keep it the same in all your channels.

Target Keywords in Your Bio

After your Instagram profile picture and name, many users will see your bio. And you can only write up to 150 characters in the profile bio. For this, you have to write better in bio short and try to find more keywords and make sure bio should be about your brand.

Simply, you can write something that represents the personality and intense mission of your business.

You can add hashtags and profile links to your bio. Like @technddigital this is a great place to promote your branded hashtag. People can follow your hashtag, and visit another profile link and follow you.

How to Add Hashtags and Profile Link in Bio

To add a hashtag and profile link to the bio of your Instagram profile, you need to click on Edit Profile. After that you can add hashtags and profiles that you want to add, you have to use # for the hashtag and @ for the profile to add the username.

Example: @technddigital for usernames and #thenazimahmad for hashtags.

Add External Website URL

You can add your business website URL to your Instagram Profile. Instagram allowed adding to your official website URL, and Traffic Driving and measure website Click on Instagram Insights, and Google Analytics.

If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can put a website link in your Instagram stories and get traffic from the stories,

Choose the Right Business Category

Your Instagram business category is very important. Put the same category in your Instagram business category in which category your business comes. make sure the category you have chosen on the Facebook page, the same category you have to put in the Instagram business category.

Showcase Content and Offers with Instagram Stories Highlights

If you haven’t used Instagram Stories yet, you’ve missed a lot. You can use Instagram stories and show stories in highlights. Instagram Highlights allow you to pin stories to your Instagram profile.

You can use Story Highlights to promote, educate, and engage users with your Instagram highlights – Instagram highlights are one such as different pages on your website.

For example, e-commerce brands show various products in Instagram profile highlights so that people can see the highlights and go to the website and buy the product.

Are there Instagram shopping tags available in India? 

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