How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility

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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility

Do you want to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile?

Let’s Optimize Linkedin profile together


Why Optimizing LinkedIn Profile Should Be One of Your Top Priorities

When you join a company and you are looking for new talent to join that company’s team, having a LinkedIn profile helps you attract employers’ attention. and 85% of recruiters use LinkedIn profiles for recruitment. Therefore it is necessary to optimize the LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin is not just for job seekers. Professionals use LinkedIn on a regular basis, use Linkedin for both personal development and business development.

Linkedin has a lot of impact on your personal brand from both your activities and your profile.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Step by Step Optimize LinkedIn Profile

1. Your Profile Picture and Cover Picture

Use high-quality, and professional profile image recommended profile image size 400×400 px. That you make this picture visible to everyone.

Your Profile Picture and Cover Picture
Image source: @thenazimahmad

You can also choose a picture in the background that describes your interest, and your work. recommended background image size 1584 x 396 px.

2. Your Headline and Summary

You have to write a headline and summary that is original, creative, and informative. To write you the headline, you can write up to 120 characters maximum by LinkedIn.

Make sure don’t forget to include the most relevant keywords, as this makes it very easy to find professionals in LinkedIn’s area of ​​expertise.

Linkedin allowed you to add high-quality media such as Add a post, article, external link, documents, and videos in the featured section.

We suggest you add related media to introduce your work as pieces influenced by your work, idea, and brand

3. Work Information

Do not add your previous jobs that are different from your current job and your future goals.

For example, I had previously worked in Business Development. Then I did a course in digital marketing and after that, I am working in digital marketing. So think if I add the experience of business development to my LinkedIn profile then I will not get any benefit from it because it is completely different from my future goals and current job.

4. Your Skills

Add relevant skills to your LinkedIn profile and ask your colleagues and friends to endorse you

5. Edit Your URL

You have to create your LinkedIn public URL simply and searchable username.

  • Click to Settings & Privacy
  • Tap to Edit Public Profile
  • Change Public Profile URL and click Save

For example @thenazimahmad

6. Certificates, and Education

Certificates, and Education

Now it is very easy to add certificates to LinkedIn profile and you should take advantage of this feature of LinkedIn. you can also add education to your LinkedIn profile.

Add Your Name Pronunciation Audio Record in LinkedIn Profile: Add Now

Optimize Your Linkedin company Page: Optimize Now

Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Job Opportunities: OPENTOWORK

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