How to Sell Products on Facebook Messenger for Free

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How to Sell Products on Facebook Messenger for Free

How to sell products on Facebook Messenger for free.

It is very easy to sell products on Facebook Messenger and you can also sell your products and you do not have to pay any money for it.

To sell on Facebook Messenger, you need to follow Facebook’s e-commerce guidelines and set up an account by following a few important steps then you can sell your products.

Let’s start together.


Messenger currently has more than 1.5 billion users, and these user numbers are increasing, and every day more than 70 million companies exchange messages with their customers.

Facebook Messenger Shop

Facebook Messenger Shop is an easy way to sell eCommerce products.

You chat with your customer in Facebook Messenger and if your customers want to see the catalog of your products or want to buy, then you can directly share the catalog of your products in Messenger itself.

To share the catalog of products on Facebook messenger, you do not need to send the website URL or image of the products.

Second, When people come to your business page and click on the button of the messenger, they will see the shop button, as soon as they click on the shop button, they will come in front of your product catalog.

How to use Facebook Messenger to sell the products

So far, there are over 60 million companies on Facebook Messenger, but the motive is not to sell the product to everyone, most companies do it to answer customer questions and to tell the company about their service, but e-commerce companies can increase their sales by using the messenger app.

On the other hand, some companies use the Messenger app to communicate their services with new customers through chat.

How to Set up Facebook Messenger to your eCommerce website

In order to sell your products in Messenger, you must first update the products in Facebook Catalog Management.

Before selling on messenger, you have to link messenger with your eCommerce website.

If messenger is not linked to your website then it is not possible to get product information, price, or more, for this you need to link messenger from the website.

Follow these steps to connect the product catalog with messenger.

Shopify based eCommerce website

Connecting to Shopify with Messenger is very easy. follow these steps to complete the setup.

  • First, login your website admin panel, and go to Sales channel and click + icon
  • Add Facebook messenger and Enabled messenger button
  • After that scroll down and go to messenger menu, and set up the call to action
  • All section customize according to you
  • Done.

For Woocommerce based eCommerce website

  • Go to website admin panel
  • Download the Woocommerce Facebook Plugin and then activate
  • After that connect your business Facebook page and click advanced settings
  • Enabled messenger and then complete the required information.
  • Done

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