Reels Checklist for Better Engagement in 2021

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Reels Checklist for Better Engagement in 2021

Reels Checklist for Better engagement.

Instagram Reels is like Tiktok, Reels is a new platform to create fun and engaging video content which is launched by Instagram.

Before we start the reels checklist we will know about reels.

What is Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels acts like an advanced condensed version of Instagram Pictures. A person can create a short video or photo that they have already seen elsewhere on the Internet but in a shorter format.

Instagram reels are a new way to create fun and engaging short video content. Which is similar to TikTok. Instagram has launched Reels on 5 august 2020. 

Instagram reels feature is now available in 50 counties, including the United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, India, Canada, Japan, and more.

Instagram users can record 15 to 30 seconds of video clips, share it on their Instagram stories, Instagram feeds.

if you want to read in detail about reels click here.

Reels Checklist

These are the most important reels checklist if you want to increase the number of reels viewers and increase the number of Instagram followers, follow this reels checklist.

  • A Valuable Topic
  • Subtitle or Headline
  • Your Personality
  • Use a different variety of Reels
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Share in Profile and Stories

A Valuable topic

Create awesome reels on an awesome topic: You have to find a topic that your audience likes, and want to learn something, on which you can make a 30-second short video or less.

It is not easy to find such a topic, but if you sit to find one, then I promise that you will be able to find one such topic.

Subtitle or Headline

Write short and simple Subtitles or Headlines with target trending and related keywords in reels.

Write exactly what you show in the reels, do, or teach in the reels video.

Your Personality

You got the reel’s theme and the title of the reel and now comes your personality. Instagram reels mean making funny short videos and teaching your audience something new with it.

If you are learning something new to your audience, then your audience has to trust you, for which it is very important to look good, because your audience will trust you only when you teach them like a professional.

Use a different variety of Reels

if you are repeating the same reels again and again you lose your audience, just like you don’t put the same post in an Instagram post, again and again, you don’t have to do the reels either.

Create different types of reels, for this, there are many graphics platforms available. You can make reels of different types by using one.

Graphics platform: Canva is the most trustable platform for readymade graphics

Relevant hashtags

Use trending and high-quality hashtags for your Instagram reels.

first of all, find out the best-related hashtags.

Share in Profile and Stories

Share your reels in Instagram posts and Instagram stories.

Share your reel in a post. When you share reels using certain hashtags and songs, your reels can also appear on dedicated pages when a user clicks on that hashtags and songs.

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