Top 150+ High DA Search Engine Submission Sites List

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Top 150+ High DA Search Engine Submission Sites List

Search Engine Submission Sites is an easy process of getting your site listed in all the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. To submit your site to these search engines, you have to follow some simple steps: Firstly, you should open a free Search Engine Submission account with the search engine. Once you create and login account on the search engine, you can type in the address of your submission site and click ” Submit”. You will then see a confirmation page, and your link will be published to the search engine indexes.

The next step of Search Engine Submission Services is submitting your site. You should do this step by step, as there are many aspects of Search Engine Submission Services that need to be completed for proper results. It is recommended that you use a software program that will automate the submission process so that it will be done automatically. You will save a lot of time and effort if you can automate the submission.

What Is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission is the best way to inform the various search engine that your website is ready to index and crawling.

Indexing and crawling come in technical SEO, with the help of which search engines crawl your website and display it in SERPs.

if you will submit your website to the various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and more, then submitting makes your website appear in all search engines, SERPs page.


We don’t all know about search engines, which are not popular on the Internet, 99.9% of people are use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo. but we can use them to increase SEO and awareness of your website.

Search Engine Submission Sites List

Follow these search engine submission sites list to submit your website to the various search engines.

Site name Top Search Engine Submission Sites DA
Google Webmaster 100
Bing Webmaster 94
Google Search Console
Active Search Results 93
Yahoo Search Engine 93
Yandex Webmaster 91
Duck Duck Go 89
Baidu Webmaster tool 91
Dmoz 87
Beamed Search 85
EntireWeb 90
ExactSeek 85
Site Listing 82
Swoogle Search 72
Redozone URL Submit tool 65
exalead 60
itzalist search 60
Somuch Link Submit 60
Similarssites 59
Smallseotools 58
Gigablast 53
Entireweb 53
Secret Search Engine Labs 53
Exalead Web Search 53
Millions Short 52
Exalead 49
Free web submission 49
Exactseek 46
Whatuseek 46
Ghetosearch 46
Elite Sites Directory 46
Amfibi 45
Infotiger 45
Anoox Search 44
Vie Search 44
Directory Fire 44
Active Search Results 43
Jayde 42
dxpnet 42
Linkcenter 42
Hotvsnot 39
Free Web Submission‎ 39
Websquash 38
Skaffe 38
Submission Web Directory 37
Amfibi 37
Somuch 36
Ffber Search 36
1ABC 44
A1 Web Directory 40
NZS 35
Official Search 30
Local Submit 30
Geona 38
Wotbox 35
Official 35
Lookseek 36
Wotbox 36
Submission4u 36
Botid 36
Submit Start 35
1ABC 35
One Mission 35
Subjex 35
Directory Vault 34
Pegasus Directory 34
A1 Web Directory 34
Business Seek 34
Cipinet 34
Secret Search Engine Labs 34
Thales Directory 34
Sonicrum 33
Hotvsnot 33
Cipinet 33
Skoobe 33
Amidalla 32
Spat Search 32
Info Listing 32
A1web Directory 32
Gainweb 31
Mixcat 31
Free web submission 31
Similar Sites 31
01Web Directory 31
Site Promotion Directory 31
1Web Directory 30
9sites 30 30
Elitesites Directory 30
Illumirate 30
Madsubmitter 30
Rdirectory 29
Feedplex 29
Freepr Webdirectory 29
Directory Fire 28
Elite sites directory 28
Synergy directory 27
Allfreethings 27
Excitedirectory 27
W3catalog 27
Directory free 27
Master moz 27
Master moz 27
Submit 27
Linkpedia 27
Madsubmitter 27
247webdirectory 27
Directory free 27
Priordirectory 27
Usertown 27
Anaximander Directory 27
Polypat 26
Boitho 26
Nexus directory 26
Business Inc 26
Triplewdirectory 26
Alt Avista 26
Ezistreet 25
Intel Seek 25
One Million Directory 24
Onemilliondirectory 24
Amfibi 24
Geona 23
Towersearch 23
Gimpsy 23
Addlinksuggest 22
Submissionurl 22
Isedn 22
Piseries 22
Salouhoteles 22
Beamed 22
Onemilliondirectory 22
Claymont 22
Yoofindit 22
Addurl 21
Million Short 21
Atozindia 20
add-url 20
Online Society 20
Directory 20
Obln 19
Social Submission Engine 18
Referencement 18
Fybersearch 18
Webworldindex 17
Kiwidir 17
Blackabsolute 17
zhanzhang Baidu 16
Snapcc 16
Searchsight 16
Dmoz 15 15
Activesearchresults 15
Scrubtheweb 15
Webworldindex 15
Anoox Search 15
Directory Int 14
Linkcenter 12
Entire Web Search 90

There are two ways you can submit to the top search engines. The first is a manual submission, where you have to submit the web page manually to all the search engines. You can use a special tool provided by the Search Engine Submission Sites to do this. You have to insert the HTML codes into the page you want to submit. It is important to insert these codes only after the webpage has been indexed by the spider located at Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Increase website SERP ranking using social bookmarking also.

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