How to Write SEO friendly Article (Beginner To Advanced)

How to Write SEO friendly Article (Beginner To Advanced)

How to write SEO friendly article

Want to increase your business without increasing the marketing budget, then you need to focus on SEO and write SEO friendly content.

If your website appears on the main page of the search engine, then organic traffic will come to your website.

If after having valuable and very good content on your website, no one is able to find your website, then all this is meaningless.

For this, you need to write SEO friendly content, which means an article that follows all the guidelines of the search engine.

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It is not easy to write SEO friendly article, but once you learn, then you find it easier to write so friendly article, then you will see that after writing SEO friendly article you will start getting results.

This post provides tips for how to write SEO friendly article.

SEO friendly content

You need to understand these checklists to write SEO friendly content.

  • Before you start: do keyword research
  • Use heading and sub-heading
  • Add links to previous content
  • Optimize the length of your article
  • Choose your keywords wisely
  • Optimize your images
  • Make the content shareable
  • Content optimization tools

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Before you start: do keyword research

You need to research keywords before writing an article, if you want to rank in the search engine, then you must first find out what words your audience actually searches with.

Top 5 Best Free Keywords Research Tools for SEO

Use heading and sub-heading

Heading and subheading help in understanding the whole text, it is necessary to use them, not only to understand the text but it is also important for SEO because Google needs the heading to understand an entire text.

If you want your content to be ranked in the search engine and people read it, then you have to use headings and subheadings in your content.

Add links to previous content

If you have any other posts related to this post, you should not forget to link to that post as it is very important and we call it internal linking, internal linking is important for both the reader and Google. This helps them understand the relationship between the different content on your site, so internal linking is important.

Don’t forget to link your previous content to new content.

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Optimize the length of your article

Your blog post should have at least 500 words, but balance the length of your article. Google loves long articles, but, if your article is too long, it can scare users, because the user does not like to read long articles.

Optimize your images

To make your content good and shareable, you need an image, because most people like websites that have good images.

You can optimize images by adding focus keywords and ALT tag to images.

Make sure the image size is very important, because if the size of the image is high then it will slow down the loading time of the website, so do not keep the image size too much and also take care of the image type.

Make the content shareable

Congratulations! you were successful in writing SEO friendly article, now you have to make this content shareable, which users should share after reading it.

To make it shareable, you have to add a share button.

Content optimization tools

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Final Checklist:

  • Keywords research.
  • Use Proper heading: H1, H2, H3.
  • Identify the write word limit.
  • Optimize article title and meta title (use focus keywords).
  • Optimize meta description (use your target keywords).
  • Image Alt text (use keyword).
  • Internal linking (using good anchor text).
  • Article permalink (use simple permalink, example:

We hope you liked this article, and using the checklist given in this article, you can write a seo friendly article for your business.

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