Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS

Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS

Twitter launched a new wonderful feature “Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS”

Twitter currently launched only IOS version based phone, Twitter has not yet confirmed this. when will this feature be launched in an Android-based phone?

          Twitter starts rolling out audio tweets on iOS

Tweeting with your voice and tweeting with text is no different. go to the Tweet composer and tap the new icon with wavelengths. You will see your twitter profile photo with the voice record button in the bottom – click this to record your voice.

According to the Twitter help page, the audio tweet can only be added to the original tweet. it means that people will not be able to tweet to reply and retweet in the latest feature.

Right now the voice tweet will be available only for a limited group but in the coming week’s everyone will be able to tweet with their voice on IOS. and everyone is able to see them, listen, and answer.

” Currently your profile photo will be added as your audio tweet attachment, and if you update/change your twitter profile photo it will not update,” Twitter Says.

On the other hand, the user will get a dock that will appear at the bottom of the app. so that the user can easily listen to the audio tweet while scrolling the feeds. we can also expect that audio tweets are expected to play in the background after the consumer has switched to another application.

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