URL Structure for SEO

The URL structure for SEO

Today we are discussing the most important topic URL structure for SEO

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The URL is a (Uniform resource locator), which we also call “web address”, URL is the address of a web page on the internet so that the page is identified by URL.

URL must not be longer than 2083 characters to render the URL correctly in the internet browser.



Moz provided a great optimal format


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What is the URL?

A URL is a human readability text, designed to replace the IP address used to communicate computers with servers, which we also identify the file structure on the website, a protocol in the URL, the domain name is included.

A domain name is a part of a URL, the domain name is a domain name of a website but the URLs of the same website are different, you can see it in the example below.

What is the URL?

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Why Are URLs Important for SEO?

Many SEO experts say that URL is very important for SEO, you have to take care of it. Because it is a link between the user and your content.

Many people say that URLs should be short so that you can rank quickly in Google, it is okay to put URL short, but my experience says that if your URL is long then Google handles your URL properly, and you can rank well.

The 3 main benefits of URL for SEO.

  1. High-rankings
  2. Links
  3. Improved user experience

Moz provided the best example of SEO-friendly URL

Why Are URLs Important for SEO?

Source: Moz

Does URL Structure Affect Google Rankings?

Yes, URLs can definitely affect SEO.

There are many issues related to the URL, which can affect the ranking of your website, and the most important among them is keywords and length.

First of all, you have to find that your website is all URL valid and use the time characters to create the URL structure, if you do not know how to do it.

11352 840626 - Search Engine Checklist11352 - Search Engine Checklist


You have to be careful while creating the URL that it should stick to letters, numbers, and dashes

According to Google

We recommend that you use dash (-) instead of underscores (_) in your URL.

For example https://technddigital.com/url-structure-for-seo

If you want to rank better on a particular keyword, then you have to use that keyword in URL, like if I am writing an article for URL Structure for SEO, then I will write in URL /url-structure-for-seo

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, URL Structure for SEO.

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