What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?

What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?

What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?

Billions of people around the world use their mobile phones Internet every day.

In the last nearly five years, people have gained access to one billion mobile data services.

With the increasing circulation of networks around the world, the cost of access has varied greatly from country to country. Especially when it comes to the price of mobile data.

Today, data from Cable.co.uk is used to show the average cost of 1GB of mobile data in 155 different countries worldwide. It is true that despite the huge global reach of the mobile economy, there is still a long way to go for true access.

Cheapest country for 1GB data

Cheapest country for 1GB data

Here’s a look at the top five cheapest countries for 1GB of data
World RankCountryAverage price of 1GB (USD)

India is $ 0.09 per GB cheaper than the country’s average cost in 2019, a 65% decrease in price.

Does everyone think that why data is so cheap in India?

An important factor is a competition in the country, which is run by Reliance Jio, a telecom company owned by Reliance Industries, Reliance Industry is one of the largest companies in India. Reliance Industries launched Reliance Jio in 2016, which tested its customer’s free data in the starting phase. after Reliance Jio launched, the other company was forced to reduce the price of the data plan. Which reduced the total cost of data.

Kyrgyzstan is the third cheapest country in the world, which provides cheaper internet than Italy and Ukraine. Kyrgyzstan has $ 0.21 per 1 GB.

The Most Expensive Countries for 1 GB of Data

The five most expensive countries that pay the most for data use.

World RankCountryAverage price of 1GB (USD)

One thing to note is that four out of five of the most expensive countries for mobile data are in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

The most important reason behind the high cost of data in SSA is the lack of infrastructure. Another reason that contributes to the high cost of SSA is the lack of market competition. Data skew cost less in many competing networked countries such as Nigeria.

All Country list

Below is a complete list of all 155 countries included in the table. It shows mobile data among the cheapest and most expensive countries.

Mobile internet data source: cable.co.uk

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