Whatsapp Introducing Animated Stickers and QR Codes

Whatsapp Introducing Animated Stickers and QR Codes

Whatsapp Introducing Animated Stickers and QR Codes, and more. WhatsApp is already liked by over 2 million people worldwide, The main focus of WhatsApp is still providing reliable, private communication for people to chat with family and friends.

The app is getting animated sticker packs, new video, and QR Codes features


WhatsApp is introducing several different features in the next few weeks. WhatsApp is introducing a new QR code capability to make it easier to add new contacts. So that you can quickly scan other users’ QR codes to add them to your contacts, you do not need to do any typing in the phone number manually, you may remember that WhatsApp tested this feature a few months ago.

Whatsapp New Features

These features are released to users in the next few weeks

  • Animated Stickers
  • QR codes
  • Dark mode for WhatsApp web and desktop
  • Improvements to group video calls
  • Status comes to KaiOS

Now on Whatsapp video call, now you can make a video call with eight people. WhatsApp will keep you pressed to maximize a people video to the full screen. A video icon has been given in the group chat through which you can start a video call with the group on 1 click. However, the video call icon will appear in a chat with eight or fewer people

WhatsApp is adding new animated sticker packs to these features. WhatsApp will get dark mode on web and desktop after these features rollout. and in this feature, WhatsApp has made the biggest change that KaiOS users can share status updates that disappear after 24 hours. whatsApp says that its main focus is still providing reliable, private communications for its two billion users worldwide.

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