YouTube Has Launched a New Feature for Videos on Android

YouTube Has Launched a New Feature for Videos on Android

YouTube has launched a new feature for videos on Android

Youtube rolling out a new feature redesign description page for a video on Android device, youtube is the world’s largest video sharing platform, operated by Google.

This week Youtube announced a new feature for android device

Now, the platform is testing a small redesign that supports full-screen detail pages for Android devices, the new detailed user interface on Android will allow you to scroll to the top to fill the entire page, rather than providing you with a little space available at the bottom of the video.

The location at the bottom of the video has recently been engaged in a platform in the comments section from the very bottom of the page to the top of its screen. On top of that, their buttons are given for Favorites, Dislikes, Sharing, Video Downloads, and Save.

Channel details, subscription status, and notification bars are also available. You can skip the bottom facing down button in the top right corner, which when tapped you can see the display of the video.

In beta testing, the user can scroll and read this video Or drag the details to take up the entire screen. When in full-screen mode, for Android apps, YouTube will show a cross button (X) icon and name in the corner, allowing you to quickly close the description.

The new interface is described behind the standard chevron-shaped down-facing button to get the details. While the details may not be easy to see and move all of a sudden, it will be easy to read, especially when it comes to the long description of the video.

Although the details are not easy to see and access, they are easy to read, Where long video descriptions are considered relevant. Overall, other modern applications will be added as per the latest update.

Updates on YouTube’s android app are still visible in UI A/B testing, also showing that the new redesign is only visible to a few end-users, and you’ll find most to be random.

There is a good chance that the user is responding in the initial test, and if the response is mostly good, there will be a greater chance for the company to implement new changes more widely in the near future.

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